Our patient and public advisory group

Coming together to make a difference: our group is a voice for our participants and a chance to speed research

Our national patient and public advisory group includes members of the BioResource who are willing to give their time to become more involved. Interested in the aims of the BioResource, they help with projects in many ways, such as sharing their views, reviewing study paperwork and promoting the BioResource at events. 

No special qualifications are required as every individual has a valuable - and unique - viewpoint. We welcome different viewpoints and expect our group members to have a breadth of understanding and tolerance of others' views.  

People working on large jigsaw to represent working together to bigger purpose: illustration
Woman looks at smart phone

If you are interested you probably enjoy some aspects of planning, organising or prioritising. You might also be willing to participate in discussions (on line and face to face).

Coronavirus has temporarily restricted our group work, but we will relaunch later this year.

If you are interested in finding out more about the group, please contact us