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Our Participants are helping us to tackle Coronavirus and their contributions support other disease research. None of this can happen without you.

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Go to our email preferences page at any time to choose the reasons for which we get in touch with you.         

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Data privacy and security 

As a member of the BioResource, your personal information can be held in a variety of formats, including electronic information in our secure databases, in other computer systems, in video and audio files and in paper format.

We are committed in our approach to keeping your information safe and secure. 

Withdrawing from the BioResource 

You can leave the BioResource at any time and you do not have to give any reasons. 

The withdrawal process is very straightforward. Once you have withdrawn, we will not contact you again for BioResource-related studies.

Would you like to be part of our participant panel? 

We are recruiting a panel of thousands of volunteers who might or might not have health problems. If you become involved, you can help us contribute to better research and clinical discoveries together.